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/lʲə́ŋ fə̄i/

The meaning of flying in the air.

Lingfei was born in Luoyang, a Chinese ancient capital with a history of 3,000 years.


Due to his love of design and technology, he chose industrial design when he entered university. After that, he went to Gothenburg to study product development and interaction design. With the pursuit of cutting-edge technology and user experience, he came to New York to learn human-computer interaction.

He wants to be a data-driven designer. He is eager to use the data to understand the needs of users, even those that users don't know. He wants to use data to support and explain his own design decisions. At the same time, he also hopes to use data to verify and improve better products and experiences.

In addition to design related, he is also learning computer vision, voice dialogue robot related. He hopes to use design to accelerate new technology to go into our daily life by creating a simple yet amazing experience.

By the way, he likes the stars, architecture, traveling and everything that is new.