A software that helps learners to create study groups and share study progress throughout the completion of online courses.


Individual Project


5/2019 - 6/2019



Usability Testing


Mobile App


Sketch, Principle, Xcode


1. Define the Problems

- Prompt

- User Map

2. Understanding

- Survey

- Interview

- Competitors Analysis

3. Competitor Analysis

- Weakness and Strength

- Common Function

- Problem Solving Strategy

4. Design

- Information Architecture

- Wireframes

- Prototype

5. Visual Design

- Color

- Brand

- Design Library

6. Usability Testing

- Usability Issues 

- Long-Term Effect Testing


Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to study online but have not persisted?


Explore why many people did not finish their online studies


A software that allows users to set up learning groups and report each other's progress.

Build New Study Team

Build a new learning plan and invite friends to join the study group to study together.

Study Punch!

Record every week's study with your learning partners.

Join Groups!

In the Find Groups page, users could look for and join in study groups and plans, which are built and shared by other leaners.



What are the difficulties people have when studying online courses? Let us learn more about it. 

Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to study online, but have not persisted?


The key problem is that people began to study something online but most of them did not finish the study. What caused this result? (Survey)

Finding 1: What's the main reason that people did not finish their online courses? 

It is easy to slack off when studying alone. 

Finding 2: What are the difficulties in having people study together? 

It is not easy to find someone who would like to study the same thing. 

Finding 3: What problem do people have when studying with others? 

It is difficult to find the same time to study together. 

Based on the findings, I conducted three objectives the product would achieve.

1. Users could study online courses with others together.

2. Explore how to study together to overcome time and location limitations.

3. Easier to find study partners with similar course interests.


Objectives have been conducted, it is time to see how potential competitors achieve these goals.

Communicating with other learners

• Forums

• Q&A

• Discussion Channel

• Groups

Progress & Motivation

• Completion Rate

• Weekly Completion

• Like & Emoji

• Post & Share

Defined Top Strategy

1. Study Group

2. Weekly Completion Rate

3. Progress Sharing


Now it is time to design the concept. First, I conducted a persona based on our findings for use in the design process.

Mood & Style
Open Space Office

Open Space Office

Outdoor Study Group

Outdoor Study Group

Man Measuring Window

Man Measuring Window

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Poppy Field

Poppy Field

College Campus

College Campus

Key Interfaces

Current Study Group 

Build New Group

Course Group Name


Course Team Infomation

Weekly Due Date

Weekly Punch Page

Groups Square

Group Category

Recommendation groups

Popular Groups

Users' weekly progress

Partners' weekly progress

Color Accessibility
Design Library


Testing for Interface

I used Marvel to make the interactive prototype and asked users to use it.

  • Participants think this concept would be helpful.

  • They do not understand the info of other users.

  • The setting part is not easy to find.

Testing for Long-term effect of studying together

Considering the long-term effect of learning together is hard to find from usability testing, I designed the long-term plan to observe whether the concept of learning together could help online learning or not.

I asked a friend, Peng, to choose a course - Computer Vision - from Udacity and to study together. I used Dropbox paper to make the simple weekly punch page. On the page, we both update our weekly study progress.  

(To decrease the subject effect of the participant, the test goal was not informed to the participant. The participant thought we were just studying a course together.)


As of now, we studied 89% of the lesson and we will continue studying the rest of it.  Overall, the solution works well to date!

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