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A software that helps learners successfully complete the learning of online courses.

Individual Work / UX&UI


Have you ever encountered a situation where you try to study online, but have not persisted?


A software that allows users to set up learning groups and report each other's progress.

Build New Study Team

Build a new learning plan and invite friends to join in study group to study together.

Study Punch!

Record every week's study with your learning partners.

Join Groups!

In square page, users could look for and join in study groups and plans, which were built and shared by other leaners.

Problem Statement

Have you ever encountered a situation where you want to study online, but have not persisted?

Research and Interviews for Stakeholders

Customer Journey Map


User Cases


Why not finish?

- a person is easy to slack off (target!)

- always miss the deadline 
- dislike 

- too busy 

- forgotten



Software for learning online source together.


Study together with friends at the same time.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Punch progress of study with friends every week.

Concept Selection

Score Reviews + Short Interview + Paper Prototyping

Concept Integration

A software that allows users to set up learning groups and report each other's progress.


Wireframes Sketch


01 Testing for Interface



I used Marvel to make the interactive prototype and asked users to use it.

  • Participants think this concept would be helpful.

  • But they do not understand the info of other users.

  • Setting part is not easy to find.

02 Testing for Long-term effect of studying together


Considering the long-term effect of learning together is hard to find from usability testing, I designed the long-term plan to observe whether the concept of learning together could help online learning or not.

I ask a friend Peng to choose a course - Computer Vision - from Udacity and to study together. I use dropbox paper to make the simple weekly punch page. And on the page, we two update our studying progress weekly.  

(To decrease the subject effect of the participant, the test goal was not informed to the participant. The participant thought we were just studying a course together.)


As a consequence, we have studied 69% lessons and we will continue studying the rest of the lessons.  In all, the solution works well to date!

System Diagram


Mood & Style

Current Study Group 

Color Accessibility

Creating new study group plan page

Study Group Square

Punch Page

Main Interfaces

Design System

The iOS app is on the way. If you would like to know more, please contact me. Thanks.