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People Around Visualization

The circuit consists of a PIR sensor and a light sensor. The PIR sensor could detect if there are people around, and the light sensor could exam the strength of light.

The curve on the screen shows the change of light strength. And when people stand in the front of the PIR sensor, the width of the curve will increase. It seems to tell people that “I know you come here”.


The circuit consist of a chopstick, and servo.


The chopstick will make sound with a cup when the user clicks the button on the phone.


For this assignment, I mainly get help from tutorials of particle website (

Light Strength and LEDs

The circuit consists of a potentiometer, a light sensor (input components), 4 LEDs, and a servo (output components) instead of the vibration motor because assignment advises us to switch one component.


The LEDs will display the light level according to light strength received by the light sensor. The potentiometer could also change the light threshold. When the light strength is strong enough to light the third LEDs, the servo would move to 25 degrees.


For this assignment, I mainly get help from class and the Particle Docs Website (, especially the example of Photoresistor.

Power Level Clock

Power Level Clock

Coding & UX & Firebase

Javascript Studing Project

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 11.44.29

This is a simple game I made following the JavaScript course on Udemy.


For this project, I mainly get help from the online course (

iOS Coding

Allergic Foods Checker

Allergic Foods Checker

Coding & UX & Firebase

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