DIDI Smart Parking Intern Work

Usability Testing for Fusion 360

WearableAir Purifier with Air Map

Uber Farmers

Uber Farmers

Hi, I am Lingfei Li

I love to use UX to feel requirements from people, use product design and 

programing to draw it, and use Interaction Design to color it.

Selected Works for You

DIDI Smart Parking

A smart software to check, find and pay for parking space, which was finished when I did intern in DIDI.

Usability Testing for Fusion 360

Collaborated with Autodesk, Inc to process Autodesk Fusion 360 usability testing, which also focuses on Heuristic Evaluation and Competitive Analysis.

"Big Hospital"

Interaction and Service Design for Community Medical System to Diverge Pressure of Medical Service Away from Super Hospital in China

Design for Air 

Wearable air purifier with air quality map.

Uber Farm

Service design to use gamification to improve the motivation of volunteers in uber farms.

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