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Interaction Design Internship, 2018

Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”) is the world’s leading mobile transportation platform. which offers a full range of app-based transportation options for 550 million users and 31 million drivers. DIDI CDX (creation, design, and experience) Center is the design department of DIDI to explore a smarter and more user-friendly travel experience.

My design team is the design team of Didi. During the internship, I joined different project teams to take charge of the interaction design work. I am responsible for design for regular requirements, managing design principle, and explore new service product.


For day-to-day design work, I receive project requirements from the product manager and then discuss project requirements, time schedules, and technical constraints with project managers and technicians. After completing the interactive design, I need to participate in the review meeting, which is composed of leaders from different departments of design, product, operation, market, and technology. These judges will give some advice on the plan and decide whether the plan will pass. When the plan is approved, I will deliver the design draft to the visual and technical department.

In addition to my day-to-day design work, I am also responsible for collating new or updated design parts and rules to complement existing drop design specifications. At the same time, I also carried out the design and exploration of some new projects, which are the new services that Didi will launch. Among them, I was individually responsible for the design of Drip Intelligent Parking.​


Consider all the anomalies and extremes.


High-quality interface.

Make it easy to use.

Use data to support your design choices.



When everyone has different opinions, understand the needs of others and use communication to solve problems.


Show off your design and support behind the design.


Not Just A Design

Not just this design, considering the scalability in the future.

Not just one person design, taking into account the participation of other people.


Not only the needs of design, but also the needs of the market, operations, products, technology, and legal affairs.



Everyone has strengths to share and make the team better.