Hate Crime in the US

In 2017, it was reported 7,175 hate crime incidents in the United States, what is its distribution? And what are the leading characteristics associated?

Team Work - Statistics and Visualization


How many hate crimes occur in the United States in a year?

each state reported an average of 2.36 hate crimes per 100,000 people, per year from 2009-2015.


Where is the state with the most serious hate crimes?

District of Columbia, Massachusetts and North Dakota.


What are the factors related to hate crimes?

Correlation between average number of hate crime and other factors


What are the factors related to each other?

Screen and remove highly correlated factors

Regression Model

Explore the statistical relationship.

Running an identical model on the SPLC hate incident data as shown in figure
results in a
48.57% adjusted R-Squared. Therefore, it can be argued that the number of
hate incidents that occurred following the 2016 presidential election can be better attributed to these nine variables than the number of hate crimes in the years prior to the election can. In other words, these factors play a bigger role in hate incidents now than they did before the elections.

Hate Crime Map

Interactive Map made by Tableau.

Click on the Interactive map.

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