Music Space Reservation 

Reservation System for Booking Music Spaces in a New Student Center

Individual Work

Topic Deconstruct

Topic Deconstruct


The focus of this system is the reservation experience. I would like to help users easily find the space they need, and also provide more efficient space management for Student Center. To understand the context, I generated a possible plan and research the reservation system in Collages, especially for music space.


The key points in the reservation journey are to improve reservation system easy to use, help the user find one space they need and want, and make sure they own good feelings during the whole using process.

Exiting Solutions

I searched 5 universities and music
schools in the United States, and found 3 main ways to make reserve music
rehearsal spaces.


I chose music schools because
students in music college may be
expert users with more experiences in
booking music spaces. And I also
chose general universities, because
these universities could reflect
general situation of universities.


The results showed that in general
universities, users may mainly use
email and paper registration form, but
in music school users use e-system
to reserve music spaces.



User Journey

Requirements Insights


Information Architecture

Wireframes Sketch

Interactive Prototype

Evaluation and Iteration

User Testing

User Testing Insights

Second-Round User Testing


Wireframes Flow

Interactive Prototype

High Fidelity Interfaces

Mood & Style


Color Design

Color Accessibility

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